Who gets added?

So, according to Carlisle, roster sizes should stay the same.

Currently, from the Timbers website, there are only 25 players with assigned numbers, though Nick Besler, Seth Casiple, Anthony Manning, Andy Thoma, and Christian Volesky are all listed without numbers.

So my question is, how do the Timbers fill in those last five spots? Do those five players without numbers get signed, or are those rumors about a new attacking talent from a couple weeks ago true?

If it were up to you, what positions need the most depth from those last five roster spots? I'm assuming we don't have a lot of room under the cap to sign another starter quality player, but that could be incorrect.

Note: according to a later tweet that 7% increase in salary cap is the yearly increase. I think it goes up 15% to start, maybe?

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