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MOTM: Portland Timbers mauled by Orlando City

The Portland Timbers slept-walk through 90 minutes if soccer Sunday and lost 2-0 to the expansion side Orlando City.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

I put this off as long as possible but the time has come to decide who was the Man of the Match for the disaster that occurred Sunday afternoon. Here are the picks from the "experts".

Will - Jack Jewsbury

The Salty Dog provided a calming influence at the base of the midfield for the Timbers after a first half that was decided helter-skelter. His passing and defensive positioning helped the Timbers reassert themselves on a match that they were decidedly out of going into the half and allowed Diego Chara to get forward and further involved in the attack. The Timbers may have lost both halves 1-0 apiece, but you can't deny that they looked better with Jack on the pitch.

Kevin - Jack Jewsbury

I don't normally select subs but today Jack came on and calmed things down and solidified the defense. Fochive has been great but tonight was not the night to have a shocker. He wasn't the only one either. I know the team didn't do this at all but it sure does feel like over half the team was out late partying last night and decided to play the match hungover or something. He did not look like he was hung over. He partnered better with Chara on the night and allowed the midfield to get overrun and beat a lot less than the first half.

Chris R - Darlington Nagbe

Darlington Nagbe - By far the Timbers's most dangerous threat on the day (and arguably their only real threat before Dairon Asprilla entered), Nagbe had another prolific day in chance-creation, even if his teammates struggled to execute the finish. On a day in which many of his teammates let him down, it's important to acknowledge Nagbe did his job.

Chris G - Darlington Nagbe

(When asked if he wanted to pick) Not really...  at a push Darlington Nagbe, he showed a bit of sunshine at times on a very cloudy day for his teammates.  the mentality to win was not there and they simply gave Orlando far too much time and space...   it's as if they had lost the game before it even started...  enuf said.

Ryan - Diego Chara

When everything goes wrong for most of the Portland Timbers you can always count on Chara to be consistent. One of three, maybe four if you count Asprilla, who looked like they had their head in the game.