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T2 Held Scoreless For First Time In Defeat to Sacramento

Joshua Beeman

Sacramento kept their home record perfect with a 3-0 win over T2 tonight. Keeping T2 off the scoreboard for the first time ever, Sacramento got control of the match about 10 minutes in and never really let go. T2 have one last road match to play in Arizona before finally getting to return home in May.

T2 had a decent first 10 minutes. There were sound issues with the feed so it was hard to follow but they fixed the issues just in time to see a Rodrigo Lopez free kick goal. Winchester fouled to setup Sacramento in a dangerous spot. Lopez took a low shot that took a very unfortunate deflection off a sliding T2 player. And with Gleeson too far off his line the ball looped up and over him to reach the back of the net. Gleeson would've made the save without the deflection so it was not how T2 wanted to start the match.

Sacramento scored again off a corner kick but the ref called the goal back. The assistant ref made a really good call on a very close offsides. However, T2 wouldn't keep Sacramento off the board for too long. Another Lopez free kick got Sacramento a second set piece goal. Lopez's floating free kick was spot on and Daly got his head to it at point blank range to put Sacramento up 2-0 in the 37th minute.

T2 were better in the last five minutes but couldn't make anything of their chances and went into the half still down 2-0.

Most of the action was left in the first half. Payne came on for Besler at the half but T2 still couldn't get more of the ball. Sacramento continued their control of the game. In the 56th minute Justin Braun got a yellow card for an elbow into the face of Peay. T2 subbed Matt Rose and Steven Evans on in the 77th minute for Winchester and Tshuma to try to spark something in the visiting side. But it continued to be Sacramento who were the more dangerous side.

In the 82nd minute, Sacramento tallied their third of the night. Lopez had time in the midfield to pick out a pass out wide to his left. The one time cross into the box was saved by Gleeson but he spilled the rebound and Sacramento player Taublieb was right on top of him to put away the rebound with ease.

Once Sacramento went up 3, they finally dialed down the pressure and finished off the match with their 3 goal win.

Top Three Performers

Rodrigo Lopez: Can't fit 3 T2 players in here and feel like I need to give credit for just how dangerous his set piece work is. Sacramento were heads and shoulders above T2 and Lopez was key on nearly all of it.

Taylor Peay: Good performance from the right back. Got forward a lot but unfortunately nothing came of his work.

Rundell Winchester: Had some good defensive plays in the second half. Had to get back to defend with how much Sacramento were pushing forward. Also had a nice run in the second half, but was at fault for the foul that setup Lopez for the opening goal.