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Rose City Soccer Show: Episode 2

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we went ahead and just ignored all of Andy's suggestions for the Rose City Soccer show, our still pretty new round-table podcast. With a win on the table this week, we spend plenty of time picking apart the Portland Timbers' 1-0 win over expansion side New York City FC then move on to the current state of the Timbers and wrap up with some thoughts on this weekend's opponents, the Seattle Sounders.

Give it a listen:

Hopefully we didn't take too many steps backward for each we took forward this week.

Once again, let us know how we can improve the podcast, if you think Chris Rifer and Jamie B. Goldberg should be looking to challenge the Soccer Show-ers to an Anchorman-style rumble for podcast supremacy, and what you want to hear more of in the pod casts of the future.

Also, make sure to call out any crazy-talk or good points that stand out to you in the comments.

Oh yeah, the podcast is available on iTunes and has its own RSS feed now as well.