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MOTM: Portland Timbers at Seattle Sounders

It was a heartbreaking loss but it was a match that a lot of positives could be taken from.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It is always tough to loose to your bitter rivals but there are some good performances that should give us all hope for the rest of the season. So, to cut to the chase here are the picks for Man of The Match from the "experts" at Stumptown Footy.

Kevin- Alvas Powell

I think he hit another level tonight. He was patient in defending and was amazing in his ability to stand up and win the ball when he had players come at him. Then he was also doing well to get forward a lot and serving in dangerous balls. Basically he was on fire in both directions. And had a few really neat recoveries.

Will- Darlington Nagbe

The Timbers' make-shift maestro was at it again today, helping the Timbers hold possession when they needed to stabilize their play in the first half and driving forward in the second half when they were pushing for a goal. Although his numbers from this match are not so gaudy as we have gotten used to seeing, Nagbe still managed to create while picking up five fouls, mostly from his conjoined twin Oswaldo Alonso.

Case- Alvas Powell

Powell has maintained his constant pressure and violent style of defense but remained clear and concise and picked his tackles well. He entered the attack at good times and hustled around the wing with ease. He's growing into a better player in front of our eyes. Hopefully a highlight reel cross or game-deciding save comes up for him.

Chris R. - Diego Chara

The Timbers' gameplan put immense pressure on the defensive midfielders to maintain tactical discipline and keep from exposing the backline to the counterattacking prowess of Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey. Chara (and Jack Jewsbury) hardly put a foot wrong in that respect all night, keeping the Sounders quiet from everything but a long throw. That's no small accomplishment.

Ryan - Alvas Powell

The person who created the most in the attack, outside of Nagbe, was Alvas Powell. His work rate on the outside was amazing and you can tell it affected him late in the game as he was too gassed to get up and join the attack on one occasion. His defense was also solid and he helped keep a very potent Seattle attack at bay from most of the game.