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T2 Lose to S2 Again. Suffer First Loss at Merlo Field

Tonight was rough and doesn't make Wednesday look any better than it did.

Kevin McCamish

Well, that wasn't pleasant. S2 picked up their first ever road win by defeating hosts T2 2-0 behind goals from Damion Lowe and Andy Craven.

The first half probably didn't go according to plan for T2. S2 were able to take the lead off a corner kick in the 38th minute. T2 were unable to clear the ball. It appeared to be Delbridge but could have been Payne. Either way one of them made a mistake in bringing the ball down and couldn't control. It got loose and Damion Lowe with S2 got on top of it and flicked away the ball into the net for the opening goal.

But things weren't going well for the T2 even before the goal. Three yellow cards in 6 minutes for T2 were given. First up was Tim Payne who got his yellow for a rough foul and preventing the S2 breakaway. He got a stern talking to from the ref in addition to the card. Seth Casiple followed up two minutes later with both a yellow card and a stern talking to from the ref. And Belmar finished off the yellow card accumulation for T2 in the 33rd minute. And Belmar's yellow was not the only bad luck to fall his way. Just after he got the yellow card he had a sweet chip over Charlie Lyon and appeared to get the game's opening goal. But unfortunately he was called offside and the goal was called back.

Things continued to go against T2 in the second half. S2 forward Andy Craven beat the T2 backline handily in the 55th minute getting out all alone on their right flank and chipping Gleeson for S2's second goal of the night. From the box and from the stands it did appear Craven was quite a number of yards offside but the assistant ref who deemed Belmar offsides in the first half did not think Craven was off in the second.

And if that wasn't bad enough T2 had another goal called offsides in the 70th minute. This time Rennico Clarke got a head to it and put it past Charlie Lyon and into the net, but it did not count. And after this latest offside call I went back to the online feed and brought up all three offsides in question. To the best of my view on the stream, I'm pretty sure Belmar and Craven were both onside. Craven got the right call and Belmar the wrong call. And Clarke was offside and got the correct call. Luck did not favor the home side tonight.

After 3 yellow cards to T2 in a short period of time in the first half, the only card that was issued in the second half was to S2's Aaron Kovar for time wasting in the 90th minute. And that is considering that there was a dust up or two between the teams in the second half as well. And despite T2's best efforts in the closing minutes of the match to try to get a goal, it wasn't enough. S2 got the 2-0 win and continue to stay near the top in the USL Western Conference.

It was S2's first ever road win, and the first time that T2 has lost at Merlo Field. And after tonight, T2 now travel north to face S2 again, in Tukwila, for the Third Round U.S. Open Cup matchup. A place where S2 are notoriously difficult, nay, nearly impossible to defeat. But anything can happen.

Top Three Performers

Michael Nanchoff: His work on the left side impressed me all night long. Especially in the first half and his chemistry with Jeanderson. In the second half he seemed to take on a more free standing role but was still involved throughout the match.

Jeanderson: His chemistry with Nanchoff on the left in the first half was quite something. He was really really good on the left the entire first half. Almost Man of the Match worthy. But I'm dropping him to number two because I felt he quieted down a bit in the second half. Also Craven's chip came from his spot on the field.

Kharlton Belmar: This choice is because I want to. He should have had the opening goal which would've made it an entirely different match. It was unlucky that the one offside call that was wrong was his. So getting a mention here by me is totally a great consolation prize right? ;-)