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MOTM: Portland Timbers at Toronto FC

The Portland Timbers traveled to Toronto and came home after suffering a 1-0 loss.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

As we were all celebrating Memorial Day I know all of us were trying to forget all that we saw last Saturday. However, I have to open up the wound and poor salt in it.

Here are the picks for Man of The Match.

Kevin - Adam Kwarasey

Had to have been his best performance for us. A number of amazing saves to keep us in the match to try to at least get a point. But we should've been better. Giovinco had a great shot, but was given all the time in the world to set it up. Our issue is still attacking impotence and being unable to score goals. Teams are going to get really amazing goals that no one could keep out of the net or get lucky breaks and bounces and you can't go through the season trying to play for 0-0 draws and hope Valeri nets a stunner for the rare win. I don't know what we are doing, but that game would've been as embarassing as Toronto's last defeat to us in 2013 if it wasn't for Kwarasey. Now if we could only score a few goals again...

Chris G. - Adam Kwarasey

Stellar saves in a game where Toronto had considerable opportunity to go up 2 goals early - and then he offered great saves, again, in the second half to keep the Timbers in the game.  It takes 11 players playing a full 90 minutes (each) and I'd offer Kwarasey met that target far better than anyone else today.

Chris R. - Adam Kwarasey

This one isn’t hard. On a day with underwhelming performances across the field, Kwarasey was tremendous. The Ghanaian keeper’s shot saving has been inconsistent throughout his first dozen games in the Rose City, but was magnificent on Saturday with five saves, most of which were far from routine. On Saturday Kwarasey was vital to keeping the Timbers in the game. If these sorts of performances become routine, however, he may be winning games for the Timbers like Donovan Ricketts did in 2013. That is, of course, as long as everybody else does their part.

Ryan - Adam Kwaresey

No brainer and have to pick ALK. He made the saves to keep Portland around to earn the road point but the rest of the team did not help him out. Runner up goes to all of us who took time away from a great afternoon to watch the game live.