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T2 Suffer 2-0 Defeat at Providence Park

OC Blues FC came to town having just played Sounders 2 on Friday night to a 2-1 defeat. But the short turnaround did not affect them as they defeated the Timbers 2, made up mostly of first team players, 2-0. It seems the scoring yips of the first team lingered around Providence Park as T2 did everything they could in the second half to get back into the game but were unable to crack the OC Blues defense.

OC Blues went up 2-0 in the first half behind goals from Crettenand and Slager. It was a back and forth affair for the first 25 minutes and it didn't seem like T2 were in any real danger. But then Didier Crettenand struck the ball from distance in the 28th minute and hit the top left corner for the opening goal. Any farther up in that corner and the ball would've gotten lodged in. It bounced straight down on the line but the bounce up went back into the goal instead of outward to Weber. It was quite the amazing shot.

After the opening goal the rest of the half was pretty much all OC Blues. And they got another goal to boost their lead in the 34th minute behind a shot from Denzel Slager that managed to find its way into the back of the net. Denzel got on the end of a through ball from the right wing and took his shot from about 10 yards out. Weber looked to get a hand on it but if he did it was not enough to deflect the ball away from goal and it rolled behind for their second.

T2 came out from the break and really tried to get back into the game. Pretty much the entire second half was spent with T2 trying to throw everything they had at the OC Blues goal but nothing was getting through their packed in defense. OC Blues primarily defended but occasionally would attempt to counter attack when the right opportunity arose. But for the last 45 it was pretty much all T2 trying everything they could to get a goal. Unfortunately whatever scoring yips currently plague the first team carried down to T2 tonight as they just could not get a goal despite every effort.

Top Three Performers

Will Johnson: Played all 90 minutes tonight. Looked a lot more like his old self. Doing all the little things you want to see from your midfield leader, helping keep the ball in play, distributing well, not shying away from the tackle. He could be ready to return to the first team after tonight.

Taylor Peay: Even though he was subbed off he had another good match doing well to keep his right side defended and getting forward in the attack a few times too.

Jeanderson: Did well in his left wing spot. Had a few good moves to get into the box but unfortunately couldn't get anything past the OC Blues defense.