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Recap: Timbers 2 at Colorado Springs Switchbacks

The Portland Timbers traveled to the Rocky Mountain State to make up a game that was canceled due to weather.

It was a tough outing and not a game you should go watch if you missed. The Timbers 2 were throughly dominated by Colorado and lost 3-1.

First Half

The Timbers 2 traveled to Colorado Springs for a make up game with the Switchbacks. I am not sure what happened but I believe the airlines lost T2's midfield during a transfer because they were no where to be seen. T2's defense would hoof the ball forward and then watch as the Switchbacks marched the ball right back down the field into the defensive third. The result was two goals given up to Miguel Gonzalez in the span of 10 minutes. Portland rarely threatened and Kharlton Belmar was left to his own devices against 2 to 3 defenders almost every long ball.

Second Half

T2 came out of the gate with energy and forced a good save from the Switchbacks' keeper in the first few minutes of the half but then with in a minute gave up the backbreaking third goal less than a minute later. Portland looked good for maybe 5 minutes in the second half but over all it was much like the first half. A lot of long balls with very little midfield play. The Switchbacks were true gentlemen and let T2 have one conciliation goal for making the trip in the 84th minute. Brent Richards nabbed the lone goal of the evening for T2.