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T2 Come Up Short in Oklahoma

Battling an early red card and technical difficulties, T2 couldn't get a result in Oklahoma


In an awful match, that was mostly awful from our end because of numerous technical problems, T2 lost to Oklahoma City Energy FC 2-0.

The first half was marred by technical difficulties, injuries, and a red card. Rennico Clarke went down in the 14th minute after he jumped up and landed in awkward ways. He didn't appear to move at all for sometime when he went down, but he did make it to the sideline and was waved back on a minute or two later. Which was lucky as T2 only had three field subs to use.

T2 wouldn't be so lucky in the 28th minute as Matt Rose was given a straight red card for a bad tackle on Oklahoma City's Danni Konig. This was confirmed by the Energy via twitter as the stream had crashed around the 25th or 26th minute. And shortly after the red card there was an injury to Michael Thomas of Oklahoma on incidental contact immediately following the red card but unrelated to the red card incident. That injury required a substitution.

The feed returned for a few minutes but went out again shortly after Gleeson made his third really good save of the first half keeping T2 in the match. Last action I saw before the feed went was right after Gleeson's save there was a little push between players and the ref had to separate a little bit. A yellow card was given to Oklahoma's Kyle Greig and after that there were 4 minutes of stoppage time and the half ended scoreless for both sides with the feed not returning at all after the Gleeson save.

Unfortunately, the second half would be ruined by more video and audio issues before finally coming to a halt entirely due to my Comcast Internet going completely out.

When the second half kicked off the feed was still down. It wasn't until the 52nd minute that a backup feed was provided. And that was provided just in time to watch Oklahoma City pressure T2 from a pair of corner kicks which were cleared but Oklahoma retained possession. And in the 56th minute, Kyle Greig headed home the opener and gave the hosts the lead.

The main feed was restored at around the 62nd minute but the only camera used for the backup feed and the main feed was the camera that was very far away. And without audio on either feed it made for extremely difficult viewing to determine what was going on. So not only was the team struggling with being down a man and a goal, but all of us at home watching were struggling with technical difficulties too. With a feed that was cutting in and out I finally lost everything in the 74th minute. It was not a grest night for anyone.

Oklahoma City got another goal from Kyle Greig in the 78th minute, and that was enough to shut down T2 and coast to a comfortable 2-0 home win.

Thanks to Jeremiah Braeback for jumping onto the twitter feed before the match and after I lost my internet. Hopefully this recap isn't too messed up having been typed out on a smartphone.

Up next for T2 is Colorado Springs this Wednesday night as they play the match that was delayed due to severe weather. After that T2 return home on the 14th to host the Austin Aztex.