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Who Wants a Diego Chara .gif Party?

Get your hands up.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Sunday. The sun is out. And the Timbers are carrying three points from their win over the Revolution last night.

So what do you say we get together for a little Diego Chara .gif party?

We begin, well, at the beginning.

Poor, poor Scott Caldwell. Fortunately for Caldwell, he had company in the Brotherhood of Guys Diego Chara Made to Look a Fool.

I’m sure Caldwell gave Andy Dorman his membership jacket in the locker room postgame. But as the game went along, Caldwell got wise and got his friend Charlie Davies to help win the ball against Chara.

Wait, no? Okay.

Can somebody give Caldwell and Dorman a hug, a spoon, and a carton of ice cream? This is getting mean.

Okay, enough making other people look bad.

That’s just a useful ball.

The moral of the story is that Diego Chara is good at soccer. He will steal the ball from you. And he will pass the ball to his teammates.

And if you want to win the ball in a challenge against him, you should bring friends to commiserate with.