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MOTM: Portland Timbers vs New England Revloution

The Portland Timbers won three in a row for the first time as an MLS team. The did so in dominant fashion Saturday night as they won 2-0 over one of the top teams from the East.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a three game winning streak makes. Now there is a slight uptick in hope and everyone seems a little bit happier. On the field a majority of players also look to be enjoying themselves and have a lot more confidence now. With an abundance of great shifts put in by quite a few Timbers last Saturday picking one Man of the Match might be more difficult.

Case - Fanendo Adi

The most clutch player of the game. He came in late and he left with all New England's Jewels. Talk about an impact player, Drogba like power right there.

Kevin - Fanendo Adi

Well. Gonna have to give it to Adi. Another brace is the reason we've got the first ever three game win streak in the MLS era. Pretty simple for me tonight.

Will - Darlington Nagbe

Adi came on and scored two huge goals, but in the match against New England it was Nagbe who took control of the game and forced the opposition to see him as a threat with two huge shots from long range before driving at the defense and earning the foul outside the box that lead to the Timbers' first goal.

Chris R. - Rodney Wallace

You could probably choose from any of a half dozen players here, so I'll go off the beaten path. Wallace's workrate was excellent after coming on, but his biggest contribution was in giving the Timbers the significant threat on the left wing that they'd been missing early in the second half. As a result, the Revolution defense increasingly curled into the fetal position in hopes of weathering a Timbers attack that was shredding the Revs left, right, and central.

Ryan - Diego Chara and Will Johnson

Nagbe and Adi were common factors in the two goals but a large reason why the New England Revolution were unable to muster any offense was due to the to central pairing of Chara and Will Johnson. They ate up so much ground and except for a couple slips by Will Johnson they swallowed up NER's midfield. The last two games with Will in the line-up have produced some of the Timbers' more complete games.