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T2 Defeat Arizona United in Comfortable 3-1 Win

Kevin N. Hume

After being downed 3-2 in Vancouver, and 2-0 at home by S2, T2 came out and absolutely had their way with Arizona United for 60+ minutes. It was a comfortable 3-1 win for the home side.

T2 were much more clinical with their shots in the first half than they have been. With 6 shots, 3 were on goal, and 2 went into the net. Arizona had 9 shots but only 1 on goal as Weber had himself a very relaxing first half. Right out of the gate there was a potential injury scare just a few minutes from the kick. Belmar turned on the afterburners and got on the end of a long ball at the same time as the Arizona keeper Woszczynski. Belmar was wiped out by Woszczynski and had to be checked out by the trainer, but thankfully he was able to return to play.

And with that, he extended his team leading goal count with the game's first goal of the evening in the 10th minute. It started with a free kick by Arizona that was easily collected by Weber. Weber passed out to Delbridge who passed it up to Jeanderson. Jeanderson sent a long ball forward that Belmar was easily able to get on the end of. Belmar dribbled up into the box and sent a curler right into the far corner of the net from about 12 yards out. It was Belmar's 8th goal of the season.

Soon after that, T2 tallied again. In the 14th minute, T2 went up 2 with another counterattacking goal. Arizona had a corner kick that was cleared by T2 and the ball sent out to Fatawu who broke down the field with Thoma and Belmar in support. A little one-two action with Thoma eliminated 2 defenders and Fatawu put a low hard shot past the keeper for the second goal of the night. After going up 2 goals, T2 continued to boss Arizona around the pitch for the remainder of the half.

T2 came out from half time and continued where they left off. At least for another 15 or so minutes. 63 minutes in, Arizona had their first real chance of the match and Weber had to wake up and do some work. Forward Jonathan Top had two shots in quick succession. He was able to get in one-on-one but Weber made a tremendous save and then Top's rebound shot was blocked and Clarke cleared. Unfortunately, Weber wouldn't be able to get the shutout as Arizona were able to find a consolation goal in the 74th minute.

Arizona were able to get a few passes strung together as they had been gaining steam since their first chance in the 63rd minute. Some quick passing in the box got a shot that Weber saved but he didn't collect. George Malki put away the rebound shot and cut Arizona's deficit in half. However, despite getting a goal, Arizona was still the inferior team this evening and T2 got their two goal lead back with Seth Casiple's first goal in the 85th minute.

It was yet another counter attack that was started when Arizona had another dead ball situation. Tim Payne fouled Arizona in T2's defensive third and earned himself a yellow card for the rough challenge. Arizona stepped up and took the free kick but Weber saved it easily. Weber then immediately sent T2 on the attack catching Arizona again. Weber passed to Jeanderson as the team broke forward. Jeanderson dribbled up the left flank and then sent in a curling cross towards Blair Gavin who was at the top of the Arizona box with Seth Casiple in support. Gavin attempted a shot but it was blocked (and he may have been fouled in the box in the process, but I doubt it would have been called a PK). The blocked shot bounced right to Casiple who had an open look at goal and did not waste his opportunity with a clean shot into side netting and restoring the two goal lead for T2. And that sealed the deal for the hosts as Arizona couldn't make anything happen for the remainder of the game.

Both teams had 16 shots by the end of the night, but T2 had 8 on target while Arizona could only get 4. Now that Arizona United are out of the way, up next comes a home-and-home series with the Whitecaps 2. Traveling to Vancouver on July 10th and playing at home on July 19th. Both matches are currently scheduled for a 7:00pm pacific kickoff.