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Match Recap: T2 Fall Flat at Home Against Los Dos

T2 dropped their second result of the weekend, as LA Galaxy II got an early goal and rode that all the way to the end for all three points.

Perhaps it was the short turnaround. Or the city as a whole was just cursed to have a bad soccer weekend. Either way, T2 got themselves into a hole early. And once again could not get themselves out.

T2 didn't come out as flat as they did when they started against S2 on Friday night. But they still allowed their opponents to push them hard early on and the visitors made them pay. T2 were put into an early deficit as Los Dos opened the scoring in the 15th minute. Thankfully T2 kept it a one goal game and hope lasted for the remainder of the match.

In the 15th minute, Jaime Villareal won a second ball in T2's half. He was wide open as no one on the T2 defense closed him down. With all the time in the world he was able to pick out McBean and slot him behind the defense. McBean had Gleeson on his back, turned to his right and slotted the ball into an empty net. The T2 defense were able to hold off LA Galaxy II for the remainder of the first half. Unfortunately the offense couldn't click and didn't force a single save out of the Los Dos keeper in the first half with only 4 shots taken.

In the second half, T2 did much better. Like their away trip in Seattle their second half performance was much better than the first. But going down early proved too much as the LA II defense held the second half. T2 were only able to get 1 save out of the LA II keeper, Clement Diop. So despite their effort, and 10 shots taken in the second half, only one troubled the keeper.

T2 dominated possession in the second half, but LA II were quick on the counter and continued to stalk the T2 backline for that insurance goal to guarantee themselves leaving with a result. It really did seem like T2 had a goal in them, especially in the last 10 minutes as they threw everything they had in waves at the LA II defense. There were three different incidences where T2 and the fans were screaming for a penalty opportunity near the end of the second half but the ref gave none. The first one was deemed a foul less than a yard outside the box, with the second one not even given a second look. On the third, it appeared someone tripped up Fatawu in the near top corner of the box and T2 were really insistent on a penalty there, but the ref waved for Fatawu to get back up and gave no call.

With the victory, LA Galaxy II are back tied for 1st place with S2. T2 faced both top teams in the USL western conference this weekend and lost to both teams a combined 3-0. After tonight, T2 now travel to Texas. They will face the Austin Aztex on Saturday, August 1st at 6:00pm pacific. And one week later they will return to Merlo to host Oklahoma City Energy on Saturday, August 8th.