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The MLS All-Star Game: Might as Well Watch, I Guess?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the MLS All-Star Game is once again a thing and this time it will see a cobbled together team of Major League Soccer stars facing off against England's Tottenham Hotspur for the right to keep the United States as a sovereign nation and out from under English rule.

With the match set to be played to night at the Colorado Rapids' Dick's Sporting Goods Park, there is really not much incentive for fans of the Portland Timbers to tune in to the match. There is no representation from the Rose City on the All-Star roster, a fate shared by the San Jose Earthquakes, Chicago Fire, Philadelphia Union, and -- depending on how you count the injured Chris Tierney -- New England Revolution.

Of course, you could watch this game purely for the enjoyment of soccer (football for our English would-be overlords born after the 70's) and probably get your money's worth. The side that MLS is fielding looks suspiciously like a defensively suspect but high spending top-flight English side from a handful of years ago. And Tottenham is pretty good, especially if you are a true Anglophile (Harry Kane! He's okay!) or just like amazing names (see: Shaq Coulthirst).

Anyway, if you plan on checking out the match and want somewhere to talk about it with a Timbers bent, feel free to use the comments below.


Check out Cartilage Free Captain's fantastic Intro to Spurs if you want to learn more about the All-Stars' opposition.

"So let's say I follow Spurs, what can I expect?

Excitement. Heartbreak. Moments of magic that you'll remember for your entire life. Incredible frustration that will cause you to throw things. Striving to be the best and falling painfully short. A team that will dare to do, but probably won't do it."

Match Information

Watch it on: FOX Sports 1

Kickoff: 6:00 p.m. PT at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO

MLS All-Stars: 4-2-1 against English teams, hard to tell if they will kick the British as much as they did the Germans last year

Tottenham Hotspur: Finished 5th in the English Premier League in the 2014-15 season, have not yet sold off all of their best players