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Match Preview: Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends

Shakespeare: Henry V, Act III, Scene 1. T2 must steel themselves for an all out battle in the final stretch of eight matches. But T2 have a hill to climb if they want to make the playoffs.

T2 can't catch a break. After being taken behind the shed by S2, they were undone at home by LA Galaxy II just 48 hours later. Now they must travel to Texas to face the Austin Aztex. They've played them once and won, so they'll be hopeful to repeat and gain a much needed three points.

Portland Timbers 2

T2 (7-11-2, 23 pts) went down in the first half against S2 and Los Dos. Both times T2 returned in the second half with a superior performance to coming out flat to start the match. But both times they could not break down their opponent. After putting 8 goals (and coughing up 5) against Whitecaps 2 and Newcastle, T2 continued to cough up goals but couldn't get any against S2 or Los Dos.

Facing the two teams tied for 1st place in the USL Western conference, T2 was unable to prevent either team from breaking from the pack. Both top teams took the full points from T2 without much problem and continue to share the top of the table. At home, T2 did much better, but still lost 1-0 to Los Dos after an early goal scored by the visitors was enough to get them all the points at Merlo Field.

Now they travel to Texas where instead of facing two top teams in two days they get to take on the 8th place team with rest. And they beat Austin 3-1 at Merlo Field in the first meeting between these two teams. So T2 will know its possible. And anything they can get from this road game will be vital if they are going to make a push for a playoff spot. This is the third to last road match and the last time T2 have to go anywhere that isn't Oregon or California. After visiting Austin they will return home to play 5 of the next 6 matches at home. It's as favorable as an end of the season schedule as could be.

Austin Aztex

Austin Aztex (7-9-3, 24 pts) sit one point and two places ahead of visiting T2. A win will jump them into 6th place, so they will be looking to prevent T2 from returning to Portland with any favorable result. Austin's most recent result was a 1-0 away win against Arizona United on July 25th.

In an eeriely similar match to the one just played by T2, Austin Aztex scored early and held on for the 1-0 away win. Team leading scorer, Kris Tyrpak put away a Max Gunderson cross in the 5th minute and held on defensively to take home all three points. This was their second consecutive win and they used the 6 points gained to vault themselves up into 8th place.

The assist and defensive performance by defender Max Gunderson put him on the USL Team of the Week. The two other defenders on the USL Team of the Week were Frano with S2 and Franco with Los Dos. Both of their nods came for their defensive performances against T2 the same weekend.

After this road trip to Austin, T2 will return for a 3 game home stand, starting with Saturday, August 8th against the Oklahoma City Energy. Kickoff will be 7pm at Merlo Field.

Match Information

Watch it: Streamed live on and embedded in our T2 match thread

Kickoff: Saturday, August 1st, 5:30pm pacific, at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex in Austin, Texas

Portland Timbers 2: 7-11-2, 23pts, 10th place in the USL Western Conference

Austin Aztex: 7-9-3, 24pts, 8th place in the USL Western Conference