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Post-game GIFs: Portland Timbers at Real Salt Lake

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some GIFs from the Portland Timbers' 1-0 win over Real Salt Lake on Saturday. I usually rewatch the match, make notes to GIF key/interesting moments, cut the list in half, and make them. If you have any requests, leave them in the comments and I'll notify you when I put up the GIF.

(Click the infinity looking Streamable icon in the top right of the GIF to make it bigger)

1st Half

6' – Melano gives it away with a heavy touch during Timbers first counter chance

7' – Darlington Nagbe to Diego Valeri results in an errant shot by Valeri, passing up a wide-open Melano

8' – Luis Silva (RSL) gets wide open at top of the box, but shot goes high

10' – Johnson with a pass to no one

10' – Melano with a heavy first touch pass which results in a pass to no one

10' – Nagbe passes it out of bounds

12' – Nagbe shows off his speed and Demar Phillips (RSL) earns a yellow card trying to stop him

14' – Adam Kwarasey comes out allowing Olmes Garcia (RSL) to get an off balanced shot off on an empty net, which goes high

25' – Melano gets tackled in the box, which leads to a corner

25' – Jamison Olave does his best Mutumbo impression after Melano calls for a handball

27'– Sebastian Jaime's point blank shot on goal sails over the bar

31' – Luke Mulholland's (RSL) shot to the upper 90 is tipped by Kwarasey

(Replay of Mulholland's shot from behind goal)

37' – Liam Ridgewell takes a knee to the dome

45' + 1' – Nice little Powell – Valeri – Powell – Melano combo ends in a corner for Timbers


51' – Through ball from Powell to Jorge Villafana, Villafana cross right to Rimando

55' – No call on Johnson's tackle from the side on Jaime

(Replay of Johnson's tackle)

60' – Nagbe passes it to Rodney Wallace instead of an open Melano at the top of the box

69' – Kwarasey with a great save after Timbers try a quick restart

(Replay of Kwarasey's save)

71' – Valeri – Maximiliano Urruti – Valeri – Rimando’d

(Replay 1 of Rimando's save)

(Replay 2 of Rimando's save)

(Replay 3 of Rimando's save)

74' – Ridgewell goes down grabbing his head after he gets kicked in the shoulder (first replay)

80' – Ridgewell earns a yellow card for tactical tackle on Morales

82' – Nat Borchers with the hustle to clear a ball in the box

85' – Urruti pushes a shot just wide, but is blocked by Rimando

(Replay 1 of Urruti's shot)

(Replay 2 of Urruti's shot)

86' – Borchers’ header on goal is headed off the line by Sebastian Saucedo

90' + 2' Solid D by Powell

90' + 5' – Urruti’s shot saved by Rimando

90' + 5' – Borchers goal!

(Replay 1 of Borchers' goal)

(Replay 2 of Borchers' goal)