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Looking Back at 2015: Top Stories on Stumptown Footy

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2015 was a long, strange year for the Portland Timbers. With the side looking to rebound from a disappointing 2014 showing, there was plenty of doubt from the media and fans all the way up until the team's famous "Double Post" win over Sporting Kansas City.

From there, however, it seemed like destiny.

So, with the craziness of 2015 behind us, let's take a quick look back and see what the most popular stories were on Stumptown Footy this year and revisit some of the big moments of the season.

10. Timbers Transfer Villafana to Liga MX Side Santos Laguna

One of several important outgoing players this offseason, Jorge Villafana was consistent all year, but peaked in the playoffs, most notably completely shutting down Best XI winger Ethan Finlay in the MLS Cup Final.

9. Seattle Sounders Come Unglued as Portland Timbers Run Out 3-1 Winners

"The Red Card Wedding" saw three Sounders suspended in the US Open Cup, including Clint Dempsey for tearing up the referee's notebook in one of the most remarkable tantrums ever thrown in a soccer game. And, although it was not a major turning point for the Timbers, this match marked the start of the end for the Sounders' hopes at winning the Supporters' Shield: a bonus for any Timbers fan.

8. Redeeming the One That Got Away: The Inside Story of the Timbers' Pursuit of Lucas Melano

Chris Rifer dove deep into the acquisition of Melano, the Timbers' new designated player, and all the events that led up to his transfer, giving fans a rare look behind the curtain.

7. Salary Cap Limitations Force Timbers to Part Ways with Urruti

Another big loss during the 2015-16 offseason, Urruti's popularity -- and his excellent Timbers Army chant -- grew with the team over the last three years, but he was not quite able to continue his magic off the bench for the Timbers in 2015.

6. Are the Portland Timbers After Another Argentine?

Back before the Timbers brought in Melano there were rumors that the Timbers would be bringing in their fifth Argentine player. Of course, those rumors turned out to be right.

5. MLS Set to Assign Altidore Using Allocation Order

MLS has always had to deal with the perception of favoritism for some of its more well-funded clubs; the LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, and Seattle Sounders all come to mind. So, when Jozy Altidore became the next USMNT player to return to the league after the Timbers lost out on Clint Dempsey because he didn't go through the allocation order, it was only natural that folks around here would be interested in just how Altidore would make his return.

4. Columbus Crew Supporters Throw Bottles at Portland Timbers Players

The Timbers Army has many mantras: "If you want to be Timbers Army, you already are" is the most important, but "Don't throw shit on the pitch" is up there as well.

3. Timbers' New Primary Kit Leaks; There are Haters

Back before the Timbers won the MLS Cup in their current primaries and added a star above the crest, the chevron-adorned kits were not very well received.

2. Will Johnson: "My time here with the Portland Timbers is up."

One of the most important figures in turning around the Timbers over the last three years, Will Johnson was on the outside looking in when he left the team in December, just weeks after raising the Cup alongside Liam Ridgewell in Columbus.

1.The Alex Morgan Trade? It Isn't Over Yet

The most read story this year is about the most popular soccer player in the US. Big Surprise. When news broke that the Thorns were trading away Morgan, there were rumors of untold riches coming to Portland. Some of them have arrived, some haven't, and the rumors surrounding the trade continue even now.