A signing just crazy enough, the Timbers might actually do it.

Young, talented, not-quite-proven winger with a high upside? I read today Bayern Munich is open to offers for Julian Green. The league would love to have him, and I would argue he would be an interesting player opposite Melano on the wing, also providing more depth in case we need (want?) to try Melano out up top at some point this next season. He needs more playing time in order to consistently be in the U.S. National Team picture, and there is a good chance that we will be a dynamic player from our attack short in 2017. If Adi doesn't move on, Nagbe or Melano certainly might.

Thoughts? I'm definitely intrigued at the possibility. Though it is a long shot to be sure, it's a just crazy enough version of our current philosophy with signings that Merritt and Co. might bite.

Filler: We just won the league! We just won the league! I remember where I was and I remember how I felt! I remember when the Timbers won the league!

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