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Jack Jewsbury and Nat Borchers "Leak" the Portland Timbers' New Away Kit

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Jack Jewsbury - Twitter

The Portland Timbers new Rose City Red away kits have been teased several times over the last few weeks, but now they are fully out in the open after Jack Jewsbury and Nat Borchers both posted pictures of the kits to their Twitter accounts this afternoon.

Jack Jewsbury Kit Leak 1/28/16
Nat Borchers Kit Leak 1/28/16

Showing off the kits, which are paired with black shorts and red socks on Borchers, and red shorts on Jewsbury, the photos reveal some details that were previously up in the air.

First, the numbering on the jersey and the shorts is white, as is the Adidas logo on the right breast, and the Alaska Airlines logo -- the same version on the logo that previously appeared on the kits, rather than the new one, which drops the "airlines" -- across the chest.

Additionally, there is an american flag near the right hip and the "Stand Together" crossed axes near the left.

Finally, the back of the collar reads, "No Pity".

What do you think of the new kits? Are there any details that stand out to you? Love them or hate them (or somewhere in-between), let us know in the comments.