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Baseless Speculation: Why is Liga Portugal Following MLS Teams on Twitter?

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

On Thursday interesting things will start to happen: the schedule will be announced, the combine will kick off, and hopefully all of this dang ice that is currently coating Portland will have melted away. In the mean time, however, we have got to make due with what we have got.

In this instance, what we have got is the twitter account of the Portuguese top flight following a whole bunch of MLS teams and, interestingly, a number of Portland Timbers specific accounts.

As of 1:00 AM PST --  9:00 AM in Portugal -- @LigaPFP was following 15 of the 20 current MLS teams and had recently started following Timbers players Jack Jewsbury, Ben Zemanski, Diego Chara, and Darlington Nagbe, as well as former Timbers captain Will Johnson. The account also recently started following Merritt Paulson, Timber Joey, and us here at Stumptown Footy as well.

LigaPFP twitter follows as of tuesday 1/5/16 1:00 am pst

So what has @LigaPFP so interested in MLS and the Timbers? There are no widely circulating rumors connecting the Timbers to Portugal and even rumors connecting players from the Liga Nos to MLS in general are few and far between. The New England Revolution, who were recently linked to signing former Sporting Kansas City midfielder Uri Rossel from Sporting Clube de Portugal, are not among the teams followed by @LigaPFP.

Even poking around in Paulson's recent follows does not give any hints as to just what could be going on here.

So, with nothing to go on, what should we do?

Speculate, obviously.

Here are a few baseless ideas as to just what is going on here.

1. The Timbers (or someone) are bringing in a designated player signing from Portugal; maybe a long-tenured and well respected player who does not have huge name recognition in the US, but has skills and some international cache.

2. A team from Portugal will be the MLS All-Star Game opponent; probably Benfica or Porto as they are likely the only two MLS teams that most Americans have heard of aside from the recently out-of-favor (in that they have not won the Primera Liga since the 2001-2002 season) Sporting CP.

3. Some overzealous intern or staffer just got carried away with the "Who to follow" suggestions from Twitter and ended up in #RCTID somehow.

4. The Timbers (or someone) are losing a player to Portugal. While it seems unlikely that the Timbers would sell off any of their other players, it is not outside the realm of possibility -- fan revolts notwithstanding. Alternatively, one of the yet-to-sign Timbers could be looking overseas; with Rodney Wallace and Norberto Paparatto potentially exploring their options neither is completely outside the realm of possibility for taking a stab at Europe.

5. Fredy Montero, who has being moderately successful with Sporting CP since the Seattle Sounders sold him off, figured out the password to the LigaPFP account and is just messing with us.

What is your best guess?