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Deals! Deals! Deals! Merritt Paulson Teases Moves for Timbers and Thorns!

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Merritt Paulson, owner of the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns, was up to his old shenanigans on Twitter this morning, dropping bombs with regard to both sides.

First Paulson addressed some of the moves that the Thorns have been linked to in recent weeks, confirming that Lindsey Horan will hopefully be added soon and referring to a "MAJOR" signing, likely French international Amandine Henry who has been strongly linked to the Thorns recently. According to Portland-based soccer writer Caitlin Murray, the Thorns put in a discovery claim on January 1st.

MP screen cap from @TimbersLasVegas on the Portland Thorns

Thanks to @TimbersLasVegas for the screen cap.

In a common, but not certain, indicator of the organizations' interest in a player, Paulson followed Henry on Twitter today.

The Thorns news, while very exciting, is no surprise, with both players being heavily linked to the team in recent weeks.

For the Timbers, however, Paulson also had some more news, although for the Men's side he was significantly more vague. When asked about upcoming news for the Timbers, Paulson replied that there were "3-4 deals" in the works.

Screen cap from @TimbersLasVegas of Merritt Paulson talking about the Timbers.

Thanks to @TimbersLasVegas for this screen cap as well.

However, with little grist on the rumor mill recently, just what those deals might be is a bit of a mystery. The potential re-signings of Rodney Wallace and Norberto Paparatto could certainly fit the bill, as could the initial signing of Re-entry Draft pick Jermaine Taylor.

However, even if all three of those were to happen, that still leaves one of those potential deals hanging out there, teasing us. Could it be a player signing? A renewed contract? A trade? There are plenty of options -- especially in MLS -- that the Timbers could be exploring.

How excited are you for the rumored Thorns moves? What do you think the Timbers are up to? Let us know in the comments.