Instant Replay @ Simple Invitational

I came across this article today about Don Garber's desire to have MLS be on the leading edge of instant replay technology in soccer, something many die hard traditionalists hate the idea of. It will have some impact on the tempo of the game surely, and there won't ever be another "Hand of God", but will it inherently be a bad thing? There is at least room for debate until some league or tournament tries it.

Interestingly, Portland's Simple Invitational will be an early test run of some of the options. I'm personally interested in the possibilities around the penalty box. Hand balls and foul play, as well as dives hoping for a call, could all use some extra scrutiny and punishment.

How often, last year, was a call missed in a Timbers game that would have impacted the outcome? The MLS Disciplinary Committee did a lot of cleanup for poor reffing last season, and it was the next team that saw the benefit of the carded player's absence. I recognize many of these were not in the box - but could there be an additional mechanism to give coaches a limited number of petitions in a game?

One idea I can't envision working is instant replay on offside calls. The game either continues on or ends with the whistle. If a ref blows it incorrectly, a good run is already ended - there is no way to recreate that. Perhaps it could be used solely in the box for tough calls, but it's usefulness on the counter seems circumspect.

What do you guys think? Purists? Anything you would consider?

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