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Wait, Did Someone Just Top Clint Dempsey's U.S. Open Cup Tantrum?

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Clint Dempsey's U.S. Open Cup meltdown will go down as one of the great moments of schadenfreude in the history of the Portland Timbers. Already down two men to red cards and another to injury, the Sounders' star stole the referee's notebook out of his pocket and tore it up, earning a red of his own.

Now news of a similar moment of insanity has come out of Turkey as Trabzonspor took on Galatasaray in Super Lig play this morning.

Tensions boiled over in the 87th minute following a penalty awarded to Galatasaray, causing the players of Trabzonspor -- already down two men -- to mob the referee. Trabzonspor full back Luis Cavanda then pushes the ref and gets a red, which sends midfielder Salih Dursun off the deep end. The referee's red card is knocked out of his hand and Dursun picks it up and shows it to the ref, pointing for him to leave the field. The referee, however, is having none of this and sends Dursun off in turn.


But is it more insane than Dempsey's infamous tantrum? You decide.