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Guess Who is Coming to Town?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Among the Columbus Crew SC supporters traveling to the Rose City for next week's season opener, one is getting some special attention: @Savannah_Bee, as she is known on Twitter, has had a GoFundMe set up to bring her to town for the Portland Timbers home opener against the Crew.

You might better recognize her from her reaction to Don Garber's post game remarks at the MLS Cup as he thanked the fans in Columbus.

It isn't just Crew fans who are on board with bringing Savannah to Portland, however. Timbers owner Merritt Paulson has chipped in as well, donating a pair of tickets to the cause.

Now, around an hour since the GoFundMe went live, the full $1,500 has been raised, much of it by Timbers fans. With more than 70 people donating, the fan effort to bring this Crew supporter to Portland has been nothing short of fantastic.