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MOTM & Picture Ratings: Portland Timbers Claw Back for a Draw

The Portland Timbers fought back for a draw after getting into a 2-0 hole. A few of the Timbers put in Man of The Match-worthy performances and here are our picks.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers put themselves in a hole after giving up a free kick goal and then a shorthanded goal. With the game in the waning stages the Timbers were able to mount their comeback and grabbed at least 1 point. Here are our Man of the Match picks.

Chris Rifer - Alvas Powell

It's hard to argue with Fanendo Adi's two goals or Diego Valeri's ten chances created, but Powell put in one of the best all-around performances of his career on Saturday, matching up well with RSL's athletic attack on the defensive end and providing arguably the team's best wide attacking threat.

Ryan Gates - Fanendo Adi

Yes the two goals are going to be what goes on the stat sheet but Adi did so much more. On numerous occasions he was able to post up his defender and lay off passes to second runners. His four key passes plus his 2 goals are what made him MOTM in my book.

Kevin McCamish - Alvas Powell

Probably should've given him MOTM last match, but I'll give it to him this time. I am impressed with his continued improvement. Last match he was the most stable of the back four and tonight he proved to be stable and dangerous. Looks like someone is learning to cross the ball.

Will Conwell - Fanendo Adi

Adi didn't look good for long stretches of the Timbers' match against RSL, but at the end of the day he scored two goals, drew two red cards, and was generally a pain in the collective butt of RSL all night. Through three games Adi has three goals, and when Adi is scoring the Timbers look pretty darn good.

Who do you have? Don't forget to give your picture ratings too.