Thorns FC: USWNT schedule and the 2016 season

Among the bits-and-pieces in today's Equalizer was a snapshot of the USWNT's 2016 schedule and budget.

While it appears that Thorns FC has done what Gavin Wilkinson said it would back in 2015 and reduced the team's exposure to international callups (down to five - three from the USWNT, Sinclair from Canada and - probably, at this point - Henry for France - from the eight players that were absent for much of 2015) the schedule at the link suggests that at least Heath, Klingenberg, and Horan may miss a significant chunk of 2016 either to friendlies in May, training camp in June and July, and another "victory tour" in September and October assuming that the US strikes gold AND the Thorns are in position to be playing that late. This even with the extended Olympic break scheduled for August.

With the kickoff of the first game of the preseason tournament only three weeks from today, Coach Parsons and the Thorns must surely be readying their 2016 edition - and especially their plans for lineup changes to cover for the internationals - for a long-hoped-for second championship run.

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