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Is Fanendo Adi Headed Overseas? Probably Not Anytime Soon

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

With the end of the season approaching all across Europe, so is the so-called "silly season" and the plentiful transfer rumors that tend to come with it. These rumors seem to touch teams all across the globe and the Portland Timbers are not exempt from that.

The latest rumors linking a Timbers player to an overseas move cropped up yesterday as a report from Yahoo Sports had Timbers striker and leading scorer Fanendo Adi is "drawing interest" from English Premier League side Crystal Palace and French Ligue 1 club St. Etienne, as well as free-spending Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shenhua.

Of course, drawing interest is a very different thing from actually receiving a transfer offer. The number of steps separating the two conditions is quite large, so Timbers fans should not start worrying just yet. There is no evidence that the side's leading scorer is in imminent danger of leaving -- especially during the upcoming summer transfer window --which would necessitate finding an out and out replacement for Adi and rebuilding the team's attack to fit this new player in the middle of the busy MLS season.

Like Yahoo Sports, our own Chris Rifer has heard something about this rumor, but he seems to be approaching it from the opposite direction.

Expect plenty of rumors to pop up surrounding the Timbers this year, but remember: most of them will not come to pass. Except the ones that do.