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Around the Forest: Anybody got a shovel?

Noteworthy links from Stumptown and the rest of the web on 5/19/16.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

From the Wide World of Soccer:

"Sports League of the Year" and "Team of the Year" is something apparently voted on by a shady industry association. The MLS won the award for League, but the Timbers were beat out by Golden State for team honors. Those two sentences are probably the most anyone who is not a brand major at a mid-market sports team in the US has ever cared about this. The pictures look pretty sad - I bet there was a lot of rubber chicken and weak manhattans. [Sports Business Daily] [MLS]

If Giovinco gets a call for Euro 2016 - does this validate him choosing to go to MLS? []

The 2016 MLS salary list is out. I can't wait to see some of the fuego takes that this is going to generate in the comments. [Washington Post]

I grew up in New Jersey *ducks waiting for trash to be thrown* so I am very familiar with Mike Francesa, the loud, uncouth, vaguely racist uncle that was given a national radio show. Listen to someone who knows nothing about soccer try to read an NYCFC live-ad. [Deadspin]

Right in Stumptown:

Only 4 MLS Cup winners have had worse starts than the Timbers. Is there like a tactical version of Pedialyte we can take to cure this hangover? [MLS]

Adi and Chara are day-to-day and their Sunday status is very much in the air. [Oregon Live]

Watch Caleb Porter say the word "decision" an uncomfortable amount of times when asked about Asprilla. [Oregon Live]

If you use Uber today, you can get to play with the MLS cup!  Much better than kittens, ice cream, or any of the other promotions they pull. []

Amobi Okugo gives his very first interview as a Timber. []

Nadia Nadim is up for NWSL Goal of the Week. [NWSL]

While Dairon Asprilla may not be besties with Caleb Porter at the moment, he is liked enough to get an invite to Melano's girlfriend's birthday party. I feel kind of dirty, like a TMZ reporter, typing that sentence:

Te vamos a extrañar amiga!!!

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