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Around the Forest: John Spencer ain't bitter

Noteworthy links from Stumptown and the rest of the web on 5/24/16.

Bruce Ely/The Oregonian

From the Wide World of Soccer:

Former Timbers head coach John Spencer, now an assistant with the Rapids, does a video interview where he's totally not like bitter about how things worked out in Portland, and he's totally moved on with his life and is really busy with friends and has gotten into pilates classes and just working on himself  - you have to be at peace with your inner spirit yaknowwhatImean? Maybe he'll learn to bake, it's something he's always wanted to do, like why does sourdough bread taste so sour, so like totally fine and doing just great WITHOUT YOU. [Prost America]

Pirlo says that MLS involves way too much physical effort and not enough soccer skill. While containing some grains of truth, you have to kind of give a knowing side eye to the statement when it's a 37-year-old who is saying it. [Fox Sports]

Attendance at MLS games is up significantly from last week. [Washington Post]

If you want to buy a ticket for HOT TAKE CITY FC, read this HuffPo piece complaining about soccer culture in America. [Huffington Post]

Sons of Ben, the supporters group from the Philadelphia Union, announced they are releasing an origin story movie this summer. What is not covered: that their stadium is in Chester and there is no way to get it to from Philly except by driving. [Sons of Ben]

Frank Lampard doesn't understand why he was booed when he was subbed on during NYCFC's blowout loss at home. Someone should make him a powerpoint or something. [Caught Offside]

Right in Stumptown:

Nagbe deservedly makes the Week 12 MLS Team of the Week. []

2016-2017 Champions League draw details were announced yesterday. [MLS]

Valentin and Valeri talk about Nagbe's wonder-strike. [MLS]

If you want to stalk Liam Ridgewell when he gets a beer or breakfast (or both since he's English), you can find out where in this interview. []

The Thorns are making an impact on social media. [Oregon Live]