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Around the Forest: U23 Coaching Changes

Noteworthy links from Stumptown and the rest of the web on 5/27/16.

Craig Mitchelldyer

From the Wide World of Soccer:

MLS moves the start time of the All-Star game against Arsenal to avoid conflict with DNC Convention. [ESPNFC]

Eight Timbers have made the All-Star ballot, so you should vote for them or something.  [MLS]

World Soccer Talk makes the argument that the rivalry week TV numbers aren't great for MLS; I disagree and will fight them about it in another post (or I'll just start drinking early in the afternoon and never get around to it). [World Soccer Talk]

With Copa America set to kickoff next week, The Guardian remember's when the USMNT beat Argentina and all hell broke lose. If anything, it's worth it for the hilarious picture of Alexi Lalas. [Guardian]

There's something deeply ironic, in a very Alanis Morissette way, of MLS doing a rundown of the "silliest" red cards in league history; it's like there's not a problem with rampant, terrible officiating. [MLS]

Speaking of the officials, three MLS refs are being foisted upon us at Copa America. [MLS]

Your preview for tomorrow's battle of Madrid to determine the UEFA Champion. [BBC]

Lawyers for the USWNT were in court yesterday seeking the right to strike for better wages and conditions before the Olympics. [New York Times]

While on the subject of equal-pay, the Senate passed a resolution yesterday urging for an end to the gender pay-gap in soccer. It only passed because it is meaningless and without power. [Mashable]

Right in Stumptown:

Jim Rilatt, the Timbers U23 Coach, has unexpectedly left. []

As someone who lives in DC, a town in which no one is actually ever fired (they are all pursuing consultancy opportunities), my take is this was just a nice little parting gift. If they are pushing you out, they never quote you that much.

Watch highlights from T2 beating S2, 1-0 last night. T2-S2 sounds like some kind of Terminator reboot. []

Nine Thorns have been called up for international duty. [ThornsFC]

The Timbers have partnered with another youth club. [Soccer Wire]

Amandine Henry wins a Champions League title with Lyon in a crazy game; let's hope some of that good fortune rubs off on the rest of the Thorns when she joins up. [UEFA]

Zarek Valentin plans on taking French classes at Portland State. This might be the most random news-bit I've done in my tenure here. [KATU]