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Around the Forest: Adi is Player of the Month

Noteworthy links from Stumptown and the rest of the web on 5/06/16.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

From the Wide World of Soccer:

Here are two solid breakdowns of storylines to be cognizant of in this week's matchups. [] [Guardian]

Chicharito is impressed by the progress MLS is making; begins laying the groundwork to join Galaxy in 5-10 years. [BeIN]

What club has had the hardest time living up to expectations so far this season? [ESPNFC]

MLS Commish Don Garber joins Brandi Chastain and Shannon MacMillan in the US Soccer Hall of Fame. [US Soccer]

The brand new BMO Field makes its debut this weekend. [Toronto Sun]

Vice put out a documentary on The Eternal Derby in Serbia, one of the most violent and fascinating matchups in European Soccer. [Vice]

Argentina and the Boca Juniors could not be bothered less with things like "concussion protocols." [Deadspin]

Right in Stumptown:

Adi takes home MLS Player of the Month. [MLS]

The man of the month brushes off the transfer rumors. [Oregon Live]

Learn a little more about Jake Gleeson and his game-day tradition of eating baked beans. Maybe the flatulence helps propel him to make great saves? []

Our Portland Timbers will act as Grand Marshal in the parade at the Portland Rose Festival. [Oregon Live]

Know thy enemy: match preview from the Vancouver Sun.  [Vancouver Sun]

A MHCC student pens an ode to Villafana. [Advocate]


Feel free to discuss these and any other soccer-related stories in the comments below. If there are any links that you think would be of interest to the wider community, let me know and I'll be happy to update the post.