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Around the Forest: Just start Nagbe already

Noteworthy links from Stumptown and the rest of the web on 6/06/16.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

From the Wide World of Soccer:

Massaging the numbers of MLS operations. Money, money, money, business, business, business, synergy, growth, commitment to fan experience, revenue projections. I think with that type of language, I'm positioning myself as a straight shooter with management potential. [Fox Business]

An overview of the juggernaut that the USWNT is becoming. [SBNation]

MLS is one of league's selected to receive a video assistant referee trial. Knowing PRO, they'll probably find someone with one eye for the job. [Sounders at Heart]

DC United's owner completes his purchase of Swansea City. [MLS]

Right in Stumptown:

The case to start Darlington Nagbe vs Jurgen Klinsmann stubborn clinginess to players who could be getting AARP mailers. [ESPNFC]

ICYMI: Kendall Watson received a one-game suspension for his "last-minute out of bounce tackle" of Dairon Asprilla. That's some charitable phrasing. It would be like me pooping on the desk of my boss and saying it was just "a strategic communicative package to bring voice and clarity to concerns I have about his managerial performance" [86 Forever]