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Around the Forest: OR Sports Awards for All!

Noteworthy links from Stumptown and the rest of the web on 6/07/16.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

From the Wide World of Soccer:

The Copa America and Gold Cup are going to merge into one tournament to rule them all (in the Western hemisphere).  If only we could merge Jurgen Klinsmann with someone that possesses coaching acumen. [MLS]

Don Garber wants to merge a number of 4th division Michigan based teams for the Detroit expansion club in some kind of awkwardly forced Frankenstein creation. I don't think Mary Wollstonecraft imagined her creature playing soccer, per se, but he should have the measurables to be a CB. [Detroit Sports Nation]

Rumors are swirling that Atlanta wants to make a splash by signing Nicklas Bendtner. I can't wait for the instagram of him peeing on the sponsors logo. [HITC]

Luis Suarez is unable to wave his hand like a normal person; this explains a lot. [Deadspin]

Ronaldo is building another, bigger museum dedicated to himself. It's like he's overcompensating for something. I'm not saying those underwear ads are photoshopped in all the right places, but *wink* *wink* *nudge**nudge**SAY NO MORE* [Mirror]

Argentina beat Chile last night in what was a really enjoyable game to watch. [ESPNFC]

Uruguay soccer association president says the US hosting the Copa America was "a mistake," and conveniently ignores things like infrastructure concerns. [ESPNFC]

Blas Perez and Panama had their moment against Bolivia. [SBNation]

A must win match tonight for the US vs Costa Rica. [Stars and Stripes FC]

Right in Stumptown:

Nagbe is just waiting for his time to shine. []

The Oregon Sports Awards were last night, and Caleb Porter won for coach of the year while the Timbers took home team of the year. [] [OregonSportsAwards]

Head Coach Caleb Porter wins the Slats Gil Sportsperson of the Year Award! #RCTID #OregonSportsAwards

A video posted by Portland Timbers (@timbersfc) on