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Is Adam Kwarasey headed to Mexico?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In 2016, when looking for responsibly sourced information about anything of worldly importance, we as a society turn to Twitter. So when it comes to the Timbers goalkeeping situation, I see no reason not to apply that very same standard.

El Tunel, a Mexican soccer blog, is reporting that Kwarasey will become the new keeper for Liga MX team Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz.

That tweet roughly translates to "Ghanaian player Adam Kwarasey will be the new keeper of Tiburones Rojos."

This news comes on top of the fact that Kwarasey had been sharing pictures of the family all week while in Mexico City:

If this is true, it shouldn't come as a total surprise to Timbers fans, as many of us were wondering what the Timbers would do with Kwarasey should Jake Gleeson actually unseat him as the number one keeper. What is surprising, is how suddenly this move is occurring. Moving Kwarasey (especially while injured) seemed like something that would wait for the offseason, especially given Gleeson's durability concerns.

As always, we at Stumptown will monitor this story and make updates as we know more.

UPDATE 1:20PM: ESPN MX is now reporting this: