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Play The Kids: 2016 Episode 13

There were some technical difficulties over the weekend so this episode is going live much later than anticipated. Hopefully a Sunday noon time drop isn't too bad for everyone!

We've got a great episode to listen to for you. Kevin and Josh discuss the T2 losing streak and look at the #2 team in the USL West coming to town on July 7th. And speaking of that match, we are also giving away a pair of free T2 tickets to that home match courtesy of the Timbers Front Office!

So listen in and have fun! Happy 4th of July everybody!!

Thanks for listening!

Above should be an audio player, but my XML code is unstable. So if it disappears or doesn't load, follow this link to the PTFCollective where you can also find our podcast to listen to. In addition, we are on iTunes as part of the PTFCollective Podcast Network.