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Play The Kids: 2016 Episode 16

It's a new episode of Play The Kids!

We didn't record last week because Josh was in San Jose at the MLS All Star Game and Kevin had some PC issues late last week. But we are back this week! Josh was unable to make the recording due to a last minute family emergency so our own Roscoe Myrick joined in to talk T2!

The plan was to record around Providence Park somewhere on the evening of Wednesday's CCL match. Which we still went for. But the result was being in a loud bar and recording on my phone. It's mostly not horrible and edited as much as possible to hopefully prevent ear bleeding. And it was a ton of fun! So just be aware of some rougher than usual audio quality going in.

Thanks for listening!

Above should be an audio player, but my XML code is unstable. So if it disappears or doesn't load, follow this link to the PTFCollective where you can also find our podcast to listen to. In addition, we are on iTunes as part of the PTFCollective Podcast Network.