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The North Carolina Courage are the Monstars and Nadia Nadim is Michael Jordan

That’s what we hear, anyway.

Nikita Taparia,

The Thorns spoke with the media today ahead of tomorrow’s championship match against the Courage. Nadia Nadim made the most of the day, giving us one last quote to cement her legacy in the Rose City.

First, Emily Menges offered this assessment of the North Carolina Courage:

“They're scrappy. They’ll never let down. They’ve definitely got the passion and the athleticism and all that. They're annoying to play against. They get any nick that they can. Other than that, I think their forwards, we've watched enough, at least defensively... to where we know what they bring. Whether we can stop them is different. They’re fast, they’re strong, they all have eyes for goals. We know what they’re going to bring, there are no surprises coming from them.”

Nadim nodded along, then replied:

“It kind of reminds me of the movie Space Jam. They're big, fast, they jump higher... We’re like these little rabbits.”


Naturally, if the Courage is the Monstars, the Thorns are the Tune Squad. Intrigued by the comparison, I immediately asked which Thorn is Michael Jordan.

Nadim raised her arms to indicate herself.

A resemblance?

Now who’s going to cut together a Nadim highlight video to the Quad City DJs?