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Michelle Betos Leaving for Norway

Norwegian club Vålerenga reported Michelle Betos as the “latest addition” to their 2017 squad this morning.

Betos vs Orlando
Michelle Betos in a 2016 NWSL game against Orlando.
Prost Amerika

Michelle Betos, the Portland Thorns starting goalie, has been acquired by Norwegian club Vålerenga, according to an article published on their website early this morning. had an incredibly good season for the Thorns in 2016. According to Sports Director Egil Odegaard, Betos is a player with vast experience with a variety of different incredibly renowned clubs. According to Vålerenga, she is making the move as “she has ambitions to develop further as a goalkeeper,” specifically under the tutelage of Vålerenga’s goal-keeping coach Ken Eilif Nilsen. Their shared ideas on a good training program for Betos was “an important factor” in the negotiations.

She played 14 games with the Thorns, had one of the best GA/G stats in the league, and was a fan favorite. It looks there will be no chance to repeat any of this in 2017. The Thorns would definitely be sad to see her go, as she is renowned among the team and the fans alike.

Michelle Betos tweeted a statement specifically to the Portland Thorns Supporter Group, expressing her gratitude towards the fans of the club. Her reasons for leaving, however, are notably absent.

The Thorns have yet to release an official press release.

UPDATE, 11.27am; the Thorns tweeted an acknowledgement/thank you for Michelle Betos.