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Portland Thorns Training Report: Week 4

Jan Landis, The Asian Reporter

Mark Parsons and Nadia Nadim spoke with media today after training. A few bullet points from the day:

  • Parsons hopes Tobin Heath will be back in training this week, but she won’t play against Seattle. He wouldn’t quite say whether she’d had a setback, but noted she’d had “some pain” and they were taking “small steps.”
  • Meghan Klingenberg is expected to play this weekend. Dagny Brynjarsdottir, Katherine Reynolds, and Mana Shim are all “2-3 weeks out.”
  • Parsons and Nadim both acknowledged that injuries, combined with the small roster size in the NWSL, have been a challenge early on.
  • Parsons had an automotive metaphor for the trajectory the team is taking. “There’s always two cars driving along on the journey. There’s the car that’s what your performance is: if you perform well, you play the soccer that you want to play, you should get the result... That car’s plodding along, we’re improving small things... You want your performance to continue to improve, but sometimes that takes months... You’ve got to get results, and that’s the other car.”

You can watch both interviews in full below: