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SFPI MLS Power Rankings Week 12

Real Life Forces Bare Bones Edition

MLS: Toronto FC at New York Red Bulls Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 is done and dusted. It was a double game week for many teams, creating opportunities for teams to soar, or to crash, and many did. Three teams jumped 5 or more slots, while two teams fell by 8 or more. The biggest news of the weekend was that FC Dallas fell for the first time this year against San Jose. The biggest winners this week are Chicago and Philadelphia, both soaring 7 spots following back to back wins in a double game week. The biggest loser is Orlando falling 10 spots after only gaining 1 point out of the week including a 3-0 drubbing at home.

Unfortunately work this week will not permit the time required for recaps/analysis for each team so there will only be the Rankings this week.


PPG SCORE: Total points per game for the season added to points per game over last five matches, with last five being given more weight. Largest single component of SFPI

GOAL DIFFERENCE/GAME: Overall Goal Difference divided by total games played.

HOME/AWAY BONUS: Bonus points for earning results (W/D) on the road, negative points for dropping results (D/L) at home. Accrues over entire season.

PERFORMANCE SCORE: Above components are added together to make up a teams performance score.

STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE: Average Performance Score of a teams opponents. Weighted at less than 100%

TOTAL SCORE: Performance Score + Strength of Schedule make up a teams total score, teams are then ranked in order from highest to lowest.

(all times Pacific)

1: TORONTO FC (26pts 7W-1L-5D) SCORE: 11.0886 PREVIOUS: 1 (NC) H1/L10

LAST WEEK: D 1-1 at New York Red Bulls.

NEXT WEEK: vs (10) Columbus Friday 5/26 4pm

2: NEW YORK CITY FC (20pts 6W-4L-2D) SCORE: 8.5201 PREVIOUS: 3 (+1) H2/L12

LAST WEEK: L 2-1 at Real Salt Lake, W 3-0 at Orlando City.

NEXT WEEK: at (9) Atlanta Sunday 5/29 2pm (ESPN)

3: FC DALLAS (19pts 5W-4L-4D) SCORE: 8.3091 PREVIOUS: 2 (-1) H1/L3

LAST WEEK: L 1-0 vs San Jose.

NEXT WEEK: at (4) Chicago Thursday 5/25, vs (12) Houston Sunday 5pm (FS1)

4: CHICAGO FIRE (21pts 6W-3L-3D) SCORE: 8.0131 PREVIOUS: 11 (+7) H4/L14

LAST WEEK: W 3-0 vs Colorado W 1-0 at DC United

NEXT WEEK: vs (3) Dallas Thursday 5/25

5: SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES (19pts 5W-4L-4D) SCORE: 7.749 PREVIOUS: 10 (+5) H5/L15

LAST WEEK: D 1-1 vs Orlando, W 1-0 at Dallas.

NEXT WEEK: vs (15) Los Angeles Saturday 5/27 7pm (Univision)

6: PHILADELPHIA UNION (16pts 4W-4L-4D) SCORE: 7.4156 PREVIOUS: 13 (+7) H6/L22

LAST WEEK: W 2-0 vs Houston, W 2-1 vs Colorado

NEXT WEEK: at (20) Salt Lake Saturday 5/27 5pm

7: SPORTING KANSAS CITY (22pts 6W-3L-4D) SCORE: 7.3718 PREVIOUS: 5 (-2) H2/L7

LAST WEEK: W 3-0 vs Seattle, L 2-1 at Vancouver

NEXT WEEK: at (22) Colorado Saturday 5/27 5pm

8: VANCOUVER WHITECAPS (16pts 5W-5L-1D) SCORE: 7.236 PREVIOUS: 9 (+1) H8/L22

LAST WEEK: W 2-0 vs Kansas City

NEXT WEEK: vs (19) DC Saturday 5/27 4pm

9: ATLANTA UNITED (15pts 4W-4L-3D) SCORE: 7.0415 PREVIOUS 12 (+3) H4/L12

LAST WEEK: W 4-1 vs Houston

NEXT WEEK: vs (2) New York City Sunday 5/28 2pm (ESPN)

10: COLUMBUS CREW SC (19pts 6W-6L-1D) SCORE: 6.5368 PREVIOUS: 7 (-3) H1/L10

LAST WEEK: L 2-1 at New England

NEXT WEEK: at (1) Toronto Friday 5/26 4pm

11: PORTLAND TIMBERS (18pts 5W-4L-3D) SCORE: 6.4515 PREVIOUS: 8 (-3) H1/L11

LAST WEEK: L 4-1 at Montreal

NEXT WEEK: at (17) Seattle Saturday 5/27 1130am (FOX)

12: HOUSTON DYNAMO (19pts 6W-5L-1D) SCORE: 6.1943 PREVIOUS 4 (-8) H4/L12

LAST WEEK: L 2-0 at Philadelphia, L 4-1 at Atlanta

13: MONTREAL IMPACT (13pts 3W-4L-4D) SCORE: 6.1036 PREVIOUS: 16 (+3) H13/L17

LAST WEEK: W 4-1 vs Portland

NEXT WEEK: No league matches this week.

14: NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION (16pts 4W-4L-4D) SCORE: 5.9783 PREVIOUS: 14 (NC) H7/L17

LAST WEEK: W 2-1 vs Columbus

NEXT WEEK: at (18) New York Red Bulls Saturday 5/27 430pm

15: LOS ANGELES GALAXY (14pts 4W-5L-2D) SCORE: 5.4559 PREVIOUS: 18 (+3) H14/L21

LAST WEEK: W 2-1 at Minnesota

NEXT WEEK: at (5) San Jose Saturday 5/27 7pm (Univision)

16: ORLANDO CITY SC (20 pts 6W-4L-2D) SCORE: 5.4252 PREVIOUS: 6 (-10) H2/L16

LAST WEEK: D 1-1 at San Jose, L 3-0 vs New York City

NEXT WEEK: at (21) Minnesota Saturday 5/27 5pm

17: SEATTLE SOUNDERS (13pts 3W-5L-4D) SCORE: 5.1158 PREVIOUS: 15 (-2) H8/L17

LAST WEEK: L 3-0 at Kansas City, W 1-0 vs Salt Lake

NEXT WEEK: vs (11) Portland Saturday 5/27 1130am (FOX)

18: NEW YORK RED BULLS (17pts 5W-6L-2D) SCORE: 4.2457 PREVIOUS: 17 (-1) H7/L18

LAST WEEK: D 1-1 vs Toronto

NEXT WEEK: vs (14) New England Saturday 5/27 430pm

19: DC UNITED (11pts 3W-6L-2D) SCORE: 4.0617 PREVIOUS: 20 (+1) H8/L20

LAST WEEK: L 1-0 vs Chicago

NEXT WEEK: at (8) Vancouver Saturday 5/27 4pm

20: REAL SALT LAKE (11pts 3W-8L-2D) SCORE: 2.7206 PREVIOUS: 21 (+1) H17/L21

LAST WEEK: W 2-1 vs New York City, L 1-0 at Seattle

NEXT WEEK: vs (6) Philadelphia Saturday 5/27 5pm

21: MINNESOTA UNITED (11pts 3W-7L-2D) SCORE: 2.6624 PREVIOUS: 19 (-2) H19/L21

LAST WEEK: L 2-1 vs Los Angeles Galaxy

NEXT WEEK: vs (16) Orlando Saturday 5/27 5pm

22: COLORADO RAPIDS (7pts 2W-8L-1D) SCORE: 1.935 PREVIOUS: 22 (NC) H17/L22


Last week I went 6-10 (37%) bringing total record to 27-50 (35%) on the season.

Dallas at Chicago: CHICAGO

Columbus at Toronto: TORONTO

Portland at Seattle: DRAW

DC at Vancouver: VANCOUVER

New England at NYRB: DRAW

Kansas City at Colorado: KANSAS CITY

Orlando at Minnesota: ORLANDO

Philadelphia at Salt Lake: PHILADELPHIA

Los Angeles at San Jose: SAN JOSE

New York City at Atlanta: DRAW

Houston at Dallas: DALLAS