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ICYMI: Internet Rejoices Over Scrap of Tobin Heath News

Roscoe Myrick

Twitter collectively sat down and breathed into a paper bag yesterday evening, when Jamie Goldberg at the Oregonian reported that Tobin Heath would probably be fit in time for the NWSL postseason.

The news was confirmed by the big boss himself, Merritt Paulson, in a since-deleted tweet:

Heath hasn’t played during the 2017 regular season after suffering a back injury, despite a false alarm she was nearing match fitness at the end of May. Her absence has been a tough pill to swallow for Thorns fans, especially as the team’s offense has looked sluggish for certain stretches of the season. She’s been rehabbing in Los Angeles, according to Goldberg.

There’s no news on whether she’ll play in any of the remaining regular season matches.