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It’s official: Dagny Brynjarsdottir is pregnant

Iceland v Austria - UEFA Women's Euro 2017: Group C Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Neverland Management, which represents Brynjarsdottir, has confirmed reports that the Icelandic midfielder is expecting a child with her longtime partner, Omar Pall:

Although Brynjarsdottir had played a reduced role for the Thorns in 2017, her departure nonetheless throws a wrench into Portland’s offseason. Brynjarsdottir was a reliable depth player in the midfield, although with the World Cup looming, it’s unclear whether she would have stayed in Portland anyway or opted to move closer to home. She’s also the type of player who’s good enough to be a starter just about anywhere else in the NWSL, and may not have been content to keep riding the bench in Portland. In any case, all that speculation is now a moot point.

Cue the jokes about Icelandic naming conventions: