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Timbers Army win Tifo of the Year award from Extra Time Live

Was there any doubt?

Extra TIme radio names this tifo: Tifo Of The Year
Kris Lattimore

For all but four teams, the league is in postseason mode, and that means postseason awards are incoming. The MLS has their own awards like Manager of the Year, which went to the departing Tata Martino of Atlanta United.

So, enter Extra Time Live.

They just recently did their end of season awards and there is only one that really matters: Tifo of the Year. I don’t think there were any questions who would take home the award. While the other entries were pretty good, there can be only one!

Ladies and Gentlemen your Tifo of the Year!

The Timbers Army went all out on this tifo in a clash against the Seattle Sounders. This was the best tifo that the Army put out this season (how could you go wrong with Pennywise?), at least in this writer's opinion. Will this be the Timbers’ only award this season? I doubt it, there are more awards out there for the season past - but the Timbers have things to take care of first.

Once again, congrats to the Timbers Army and Portland Timbers.