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WATCH: Diego Valeri Sinks A PK

The maestro does it again

Valeri takes one from the spot early against Orlando CIty

From This:

To This:

Sebastian Blanco who would get a second yellow and almost got sent off for simulation. But Referee Baldomero Toledo would go and check VAR to make sure he got the call right. And that’s what he did, he took back Blanco’s second yellow and awarded a spot kick. If it had stood the Timbers would be down a man with only 20 minutes elapsed.

It didn’t stand and the Maestro Diego Valeri would step to up to the spot and shoot an absolute lazer into the back of the net to put the Portland Timbers up 1-0 in the 20th minute. This goal was the 60th of Valeri’s career as a Timber.