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David Guzman makes Costa Rica’s Roster for the World Cup.

Only 31 more days until the World Cup in Russia

Bennett Dewan

Today is World Cup roster day, teams will release their provisional rosters ahead of their trip to Russia. These rosters are usually bigger than the 23 that would actually go on to play in Russia next month. One team that decided to forego the provisional roster is that of Costa Rica, who today released their 23 man roster for this summer's World Cup.

Portland Timber David Guzman made the roster.

To me this is a bit surprising with the fact Guzman has only played 180 minutes at the senior level, though he did play 45 minutes for T2 but has yet to be seen near the first team roster. With his recent injury it was a crap shoot as to whether he’d make the roster or not. Though he spent part of his rehab back in Costa Rica - so I’m sure the national team was keeping a close eye on the 28 year-old defensive midfielder.

Depending how far the Ticos go in the tournament - he could be gone for a good portion of the summer. But it’s not like he’s started the last 4 matches, so his absence will be felt - in a depth kind of way.

Good luck to David and the Ticos in this years World Cup.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated David Guzman did not make Costa Rica’s World Cup roster. We apologize for the error.