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The Thorns got their championship rings

And people? They’re biiiiiiiig

Nikita Taparia/Stepover FC

The Portland Thorns finally received their championship rings last night at a team dinner. Merritt Paulson tweeted some images from the event, where everybody looked very nice and Mark Parsons was having a conversation with extreme focus.

Hayley Raso tweeted a photo showing exactly how big the ring is (or perhaps how small Raso is).

This morning, the full story behind the rings was published, revealing that the Christine Sinclair-assisted design does, in fact, include an Ice Bear, rendered on the side between the player’s name and number. The opposite side shows a pair of stars and the date of the championship match, and the inside of the ring reads “BUILD A BONFIRE.”

You can see some more photos over at the Thorns website.