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Help Wanted

Come do things with us!

Kris Lattimore

Hi folks! As we head into the summer, we have some positions we are trying to fill here at Stumptown Footy. Have you ever wanted to hang out on Slack with some of your favorite soccer writers? Well here’s your chance. Read on to find out what exactly we’re looking for, then send an email to to apply. Make sure to include relevant experience and/or writing samples!

Women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to apply.

Staff Writer

That’s write (sic): we’re looking for more people to fill the basic need of written content. There’s a lot of room as to what sort of content you could be providing, but a short list of needs we’ve identified is:

  • Features writing - Profile players, stories, and other things happening around the Portland soccer world. These can be human interest, or analytical, or opinion-based if your opinions are not bad.
  • T2 beat coverage - There’s a lot of neat stuff happening in T2 this season, and we’d like to improve our coverage of that arm of the club.
  • Breaking news coverage - Sometimes things happen when you least expect them to (lookin’ at you, Caleb Porter) and we need someone to write about it. That someone could be you!

If you have ideas for things you want to write and put on our website, we want to hear them! Let us know what you’re thinking, and if we like the idea, we can chat more about it.

Community Manager

We’re looking for someone to more actively engage with our community across all platforms. You will work with our social media manager, writers, and editorial staff to ensure that we are best serving our community with the content they want. You will also be responsible for moderating and fostering discussion on our site itself in the form of comments, fanposts, and fanshots. This includes clean-up and promotion of high-quality fanposts to our front page layout.

Copy Editor

As we’ve continually increased our content output over the past year and look to continue to do so, we need another set of copy-editing eyes to manage the volume. You'll need to have a sharp eye for detail, know how the written English language works inside and out, be able to adhere to a style guide, and ideally know—or at least be able to learn—lots of names on the Timbers and Thorns rosters and around the broader soccer world.

Multimedia Contributor

While the main focus of our site is and will always be written content, we’re interested in having someone in-house who makes videos (for standalone content), and gifs (for use in articles).

If you have an idea to work with us that wasn’t covered above, let us know! We’re always open to interesting projects, and highly encourage you to get in touch.