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The Thorns Prediction Game: Reading the PTFC Leaves Recap


Kris Lattimore

As we all know — all too well — the Thorns were overwhelmed in the Championship by the North Carolina Courage. Aside from the heartbreak, this result was tough for the players in our little contest.

The top result was three points of a possible 22, by WallofEmilys, who got a correct goal scorer and the most-rec’d wild prediction of copyright infringement by Paul Riley.

In a reversal of the 2017 PTFC Leaves final, One.Goal.Beyond edged out David K Anderson for the top spot 103–101. The middle-of-the-pack award goes to Robboss with 58 points.

A huge thank you to all our players throughout the season. I hope you had fun and will return for the 2019 edition. I’m also considering a 2019 Women’s World Cup version, live from France! Any suggestions for that are welcome in the comments below or email me.

But there’s a twist in the tale!

One.Goal.Beyond is disqualified from receiving the actual prize due to being friends/family of the Reading the PTFC Leaves staff. Bragging rights, for sure, but not the actual first place prize of $50 in Rivetgear merchandise. That goes to our second-place player, David K Anderson. Robboss wins $25 in Rivetgear merchandise.

Please check out the Rivetgear site and pick out what you would like. Then email me (richard at hamje dot net) with your selection and preferred means of delivery. I can have your selection shipped directly to your home, or we can arrange to meet at an upcoming Timbers match or Riveters event.