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“Raso Raso Raso Oi Oi Oi!”: A Hayley Raso Gallery

Kris Lattimore

Hayley Raso is ducking out early this season after picking up a back injury against the Washington Spirit. With just one game left in the regular season and the playoffs around the corner, it’s an unfortunate time to be losing an important player, especially one with such an undeniable connection with Thorns fans. Her on-field energy is incredible and nearly unquantifiable—she can lift the home crowd by something as simple as chasing down a lost ball or forcing a throw and despite only playing in 12 games she drew 24 fouls in the season, third in the team. If all goes well with her recovery she’ll be back in time for the W-League and will be making a strong return to the Thorns early in 2019 ahead of the World Cup. Take a look at our favorite Raso photos from this season below and join us in wishing her a speedy recovery.

— Tyler Nguyen